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The Australian Grain Industry is assisting Foodbank source donated grain for use in manufacturing key staple foods for distribution to charities around Australia. Every sector of the industry is involved including the major bulk handlers, traders, producers and end users.

Foodbank needs 3,000 tonnes of grain a year to be turned into bread, pasta and breakfast cereal by manufacturers under its Collaborative Supply Program.

This food will then be distributed from Foodbank warehouses to 2,500 welfare agencies, church & community groups across the country (over a third of agencies are located in rural and remote areas) as well as 600 schools.

It will go to soup kitchens, hostels, shelters, drop-in centres, school breakfast programs and into hampers and emergecny relief packages, helping the 2 million Australians who face food insecurity each year, half of them children.

If you would like to learn more about the program please visit Grain Trade Australia’s Foodbank page:

If you would like to donate grain, please call your local merchant or Grower Hotline to enquire about donating.

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