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2015/16 Harvest

During September and October we were fortunate enough to spend a couple of weeks with some of the grain growers in NSW, Victoria and SA, facilitated by our Grain Partners GrainCorp, GrainFlow and Emerald Grain.

This gave us the opportunity to talk about the work that Foodbank does, with 2,400 welfare agency partners and 1,000 schools which we distribute to and source food for each week.  Last year we distributed around 30 million kilos of food or over 110,000 meals per day to Aussies in need.  I also got a chance to understand the challenges faced by growers every day.

With many doing it tough in the bush, around 35% of our total volume or 14 million kilos is distributed directly to regional agencies such as the Salvos and Red Cross, so it’s critical we continue to provide nutritious food to these areas and support those who have supported our country for so long.

With all signs pointing to a good harvest across many regions, Foodbank is excited about expanding the Grain Program, which last year saw 1,300 tonnes of grain donated. In partnership with our food manufacturing partners, we were able to convert this to over 3 million serves of pasta and 1.5 million serves of breakfast cereal which went to those in crisis.

So, if you would like to support the Foodbank Grain Program, we are seeking donations of any type of grain, in any quantity, as the Grain Traders will then consolidate it on our behalf and also generously waive all fees, so the grain can go directly to our grain-based food programs. Donations can be made at harvest time or during trading, so please speak to your local grain trader about donating grain directly to our NGR 13319395.

Please consider donating “the change” from your first and or last delivery this harvest,  as just ½ a tonne, can help to provide over 750 serves of cereal to people in need!!

If you would like to find out more about the Grain Program and our Hunger Relief Programs in the bush, please contact me at ua.gr1472329382o.kna1472329382bdoof1472329382@leah1472329382ciM1472329382

Happy Harvesting!

Michael Davidson – National Food Programs Manager


What is the Foodbank Grain Program?

The Foodbank Grain Program is a partnership between the Australian Grain Industry and Australian Food Manufacturing Industry, working together to manufacture vital grain based foods such as pasta, breakfast cereal and bread.
This is done by the generous donation of Grain from Grain Traders and their Growers each harvest, with any type of grain accepted and no amount to small. The Grain Traders then consolidate the donated grain on behalf of Foodbank and waive their fees for us.
Foodbank then works with our Food Manufacturing Partners, who donate manufacturing time and their packing partners who donate packing, to manufacture such as pasta, cereal and bread, which help us supply a more regular supply of key staples foods, to meet the growing demand for food relief around Australia.
This food is then distributed from the Foodbank warehouses in each state and territory to 2,400 welfare agencies, church & community groups across the country as well as 1,000 schools. Foodbank accounts for 80% of all the food distributed to charities by food rescue organisations in Australia, with over a third of food distributed to regional and rural areas.

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What is the need?

Each year two million Australians, or 1 in 10, require food assistance – with over 30% of those going without being children. Over 70% of people seeking support are low-income families, the elderly and people with disabilities. Foodbank needs 2,000 tonnes of grain a year to meet the need for grain based products to support soup kitchens, hostels, shelters, drop-in centres, school breakfast programs and into hampers and emergency relief packages. Foodbank seeks assistance from the entire grain industry, from major bulk handlers, traders, producers and end users, to meet this need.

How can you help?


Foodbank welcomes any grain donations. No quantity is too small, every bit helps!  There are just 3 easy steps to donate:

  1. Nominate the quantity you wish to donate to the buyer/storage provider.
  2. They will transfer this grain to Foodbank via it’s NGR number. Foodbank NGR: 13319395
  3. Foodbank will issue you with a tax deductable donation receipt.

What about claiming the donation?

When grain is donated via a trader or handler, Foodbank is advised of the donor and the weight of the donation.

Foodbank can issue a Tax Donation Receipt to the donor, for the weight of the donation (not value).

The donor adds the value of the product (normally the wholesale price on the day of donation) on the receipt prior to claiming the deduction at tax time.

If you would like to learn more about the program please contact:
Michael Davidson, Food Programs Manager
0400 724 613 or ua.gr1472329382o.kna1472329382bdoof1472329382@leah1472329382ciM1472329382

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