Goodman Fielder ‘Daily Bread’ Program

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June 13, 2012
Goodman Fielder Baking supports Foodbank via its ‘Daily Bread’ program. A regular supply of bread is essential to welfare agencies providing nutritious and filling meals.  Since 2006, Goodman Fielder Baking has provided regular daily or weekly fresh bread donations to the Foodbank warehouses across the country. Its donations feed 15,000 people a day.

In the last six years Goodman Fielder Baking has donated 1.7 million kilograms of bread or 2.5 million loaves. If charities had been forced to buy this essential staple it would have cost them $5.7 million. Goodman Fielder reviewed its program in 2011 and, in response to increased need, further upped its donations.

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