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April 11, 2013

Kitchen Table Memoirs coverFor many of us the kitchen table is the warm and nurturing heart of domestic life where food and camaraderie are shared with friends and loved ones. But for some, who struggle to put a meal on the table for themselves and their families, it is a stark reminder of the hardship they face.

A new book, which brings together tales of the kitchen table from some of Australia’s best loved writers and identities, is recognising this divide by donating a portion of the royalties from its sale to Foodbank to help up with our vital work.

Edited by Nick Richardson and published by ABC Books, Kitchen Table Memoirs is an anthology of 21 short stories from a diverse group of contributors including novelist Helen Garner, comedian Jean Kitson, restauranteur Stefano di Pieri and broadcaster Simon Marnie.

From Denise Scott′s bittersweet recollection of chats around the table with her mother to Martin Brown′s tribute to the unique and forgotten sport of table climbing, Kitchen Table Memoirs honours the beloved domestic icon which is so much more than just a piece of furniture.

Whether you’re looking for a present or book for yourself that you can pick up and put down any time, Kitchen Table Memoirs is the go. If you buy it, not only are you guaranteed a delightful read but you’ll also be helping us to eliminate hunger in Australia

To purchase Kitchen Table Memoirs go to your nearest ABC Books seller or click here.

Some of the contributors to the collection

Some of the story contributors


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