Nothing goes to waste on MasterChef thanks to Foodbank

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June 3, 2013

If there isMasterChef_HotSteel_CMYK small one TV program that people all over Australia stay in for it’s the cooking show MasterChef on Network 10. We can’t get enough of the mouth watering recipes, fabulous ingredients, eclectic contestants and the high drama of the competition. The program really taps into everything we love about food and more.

In each episode, when the last contestant’s dish is served up for the critical appraisal of Gary, George and Matt or the celebrity chef has wrought their magic, have you ever wondered where all the unselected and leftover food goes? It would be a crime for such wonderful ingredients to go to waste. Well rest easy, thanks to Foodbank, anything that doesn’t make it onto the table finds its way to people in need.

Thanks to the thoughtfulness of the MasterChef production team, when filming wraps, we collect the food from the set or the exotic location where the episode has been shot. Within no time the food is distributed to charities to go to vulnerable people who need help putting food on the table for themselves and their family.

So next time you watch MasterChef, remember that it’s not only the contestants who avoid elimination who have smiles on their faces. There are families sitting down to a top notch meal that might otherwise have gone without thanks to Foodbank.

mc5 pantry 3 small

The MasterChef pantry

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