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October 3, 2013
Project Crowd Herd logo“Give a man a meal and he eats for a day, create a sustainable farming system and he can eat for life…plus feed a whole community”. This is the aim behind Project Crowd Herd, a crowdfunding campaign currently live on the crowdfunding platform Start Some Good.

When Kate Richards, an Agriculture Consultant and Farm Manager from Armidale NSW discovered that over 2.3 million Aussies live below the poverty line, and that 2 million of us have to rely on food donations at some point in the year to survive, she contacted Foodbank.

“Sustainability is the catchphrase for our generation. How can the community and organisations really expect to survive, even flourish if we are not integrating sustainable practices into the way we operate” says Kate. “I have learnt this from my years of working on the land and where better than to apply self-sustainable practices than in a charity.

With the advent of crowd funding Kate’s vision is becoming real. The funds raised on Start Some Good will go towards purchasing a self-replacing (ie: through offspring) herd of cattle and sheep. Essentially the crowd will buy the livestock that will be professionally managed by the Crowd Herd team. This in turn will supply Foodbank with a sustainable, ethical lifetime solution to their protein needs.

Project Crowd Herd is based in the New England region of NSW. It aims to not only meet its major objective of feeding the hungry but will also provide quality training and employment, industry and sector knowledge, databasing, reporting and best practice information to the broader agricultural community.

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