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December 4, 2013

This week, Foodbank, Australia’s largest hunger relief charity, has released a Christmas song to raise much needed funds to feed the two million Australians who rely on food relief each year. Thanks to 4 A Cause, a group of local musicians who wrote and recorded the song for Foodbank, each iTunes download of “Food for Christmas”, will provide a meal to a person who might otherwise have gone without.

Low-income families are now the biggest group relying on food assistance as the issue of hunger continues to grow in Australia. Foodbank reports a 9% increase in the number of people seeking help in the past year as the demand for food relief outstrips supply. Foodbank’s 2013 End Hunger Report reveals that as many as 65,000 people are being turned away from charities empty handed each month due to lack of food.

Food for Christmas tells the story of those Aussies who are struggling and encourages everyone to embrace the true spirit of giving at Christmas. Both the song and accompanying video were donated to Foodbank by the artists to raise much needed funds for the Foodbank’s vital work.

Producer of Food for Christmas, Dave Clare, was inspired by his own experiences when creating the song.  “I remember a Christmas when our family could barely afford to feed us as kids, let alone give presents. I never forgot that time. Now that I have children, I always make sure they know that Christmas is a time of giving, and I hope that’s a
message we can spread with this song.”

“Foodbank helps so many people around Australia and it’s amazing to see what they can do with even a small donation. The song costs less than a cup of coffee to download on iTunes, and yet buying it this Christmas will give someone more than just a meal but also the knowledge that someone cares. None of us hesitated for a second when we were given the opportunity to give something back to this great organisation.”

Sarah Pennell from Foodbank Australia comments, “It’s at times like Christmas that we are reminded of the profound role food plays in our lives. It’s the essential ingredient for bringing families, friends and communities together to share and celebrate. Which is why it’s so heart breaking to think that there will be many this festive season who will go without.  This song aims to spread a little Christmas cheer, with every download helping us provide a meal to someone in need.”

The song was written by Dave Clare and music was created by Leon Tioke. It features Leon Tioke, Emily Ruffin, Deb Reader and Gavin Carvill on vocals with Leon Tioke (Acoustic Guitar), Aaron Willcox (Rhythm Guitar and Bass), Gavin Carvill (Drums), Josh Crothers (Piano) and Kiara Collins (Back-up Vocals).

To purchase the song on iTune click here: Food for Christmas

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