Back to School with Foodbank

We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, the reality for many young Queenslanders is that they will go without breakfast or a meal at least once a week. That is why our School Breakfast Program is so important, we provide the essential items to ensure that students have a healthy, nutritious start to their day.

Thanks to our generous supporters, we provide bread, milk, cereal and fruit to more than 270 schools across the state through our network of frontline charity partners. Partners such as Global Care Community Food Outreach in Bundaberg who now assist 15 of the 28 schools in their area.

Also, our long-standing partnership with the YMCA has grown to support 116 schools serving over 70,000 breakfasts each month. Hear from Catherine Hannell, Manager of the YMCA School Breakfast Program about the importance of ‘Brekky Club’.