Demand for food spikes – Help make hunger expire this winter

Last year, in the wake of the onset of the pandemic in Australia, we witnessed extreme panic buying which left many Western Australian supermarket shelves stripped bare.

For the first time many Western Australian families felt the anxiety that comes with wondering on a daily and weekly basis if they have enough food in their fridges and pantries to feed their families.

Even before the pandemic, empty shelves and fridges were a reality for far too many Western Australians. Sadly, COVID-19 made this a reality for even more families across the State.

With JobSeeker payments reduced, JobKeeper payments ceased, and the rent moratorium ending, COVID-19 continues to have a devastating impact on many vulnerable Western Australians.

Foodbank WA saw the impact of this immediately, recording their busiest month in April this year, providing almost 25% more food to those who needed it than in March this year.

Foodbank WA CEO, Greg Hebble, said 28% of people who needed Foodbank’s support last year had never gone hungry before with many being forced to face economic uncertainty and hunger for the first time in their lives.

“While the Western Australian economy has proved resilient in the face of significant challenges, there are still thousands of Western Australians facing a range of challenges every day.”

“With rents on the rise and vacancy rates at record low levels, we expect this situation to increase with many faced with rising living costs while wage growth remains consistently low across the board,” he said.

“The ongoing impacts of Covid-19 have been the most challenging time in our 26-year history; however, it has been wonderful to see that community spirit is strong here in Western Australia.”

“We know that 43% of people who need our help go a whole day without eating at least once a week.”

“Which in a country and indeed a state as wealthy as Western Australia is a cause of great concern.”

This year, therefore, with expectations of even higher demand than previous years, support for Foodbank WA this winter to help families across WA who need support is more important than ever.

“The demand for Foodbank WA’s support has never been so great and we have never needed community support as much as we do now.”

“We know the full impact of the change in COVID-19 Government assistance will continue to grow over winter as rents continue to rise, tenancy agreements end and people who are currently living off their savings see them deplete. Vulnerable people, many who had never gone hungry before the pandemic, will be looking at empty shelves this winter without our help.”

“We encourage everyone to dig deep and donate today and help make hunger expire this winter,” Mr Hebble said.

Help Foodbank WA put food on the empty shelves of Western Australian families this winter. For every $1 you donate, Foodbank WA provides 2 meals to those in need.

Donate online or call 9258 9277 to make your donation today.

Make Hunger Expire this Winter