You’re giving families like Mike’s the food they need to survive – and thrive


Your kindness has given Mike* and his family the food they need to fill their pantries and bellies. Thank you.

Like so many families in your community, Mike was struggling to keep up with the cost of living. But no matter how hard he worked, full time hours or more, eventually he found himself unable to pay the bills, to eat, to feed his three young kids, and stay healthy.

Mike's wife and his kids




That’s when Mike reached out to his local Foodbank pantry, and when life started to turn a corner for this hardworking regional dad and his family.

Mike shared with us,

Ever since we’ve gone to Foodbank, we’ve been able to feed our kids. I don’t want to think where we’d be if we didn’t have Foodbank.”

Your kind-hearted support for your community helps feed families just like Mike’s when they are in crisis, have nowhere else to turn, and have nothing more to eat. And, as Mike shares, that means everything.

Thank you for feeding our family – thank you for giving us the food we need to survive, stay healthy, and be happy. Without the food from Foodbank we wouldn’t be eating, our kids would get sick, and we’d be starving. So thank you.”


Thank you for giving hungry families like Mike’s in NSW and the ACT the food they need to fill their pantries and bellies.

Mike receiving food support




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