Food Sensations® for Children

See how parents and children aged 0 to 5 are cooking up a storm

Thanks to support from Telethon, we are offering a state-wide nutrition education and cooking program designed to provide parents with an understanding of healthy eating for their children.

The first five years of children’s lives are vital for developing healthy eating habits and building strong, healthy bodies and minds. Our Food Sensations for Children program provides parents with the knowledge, skills, and confidence for parents to guide their children to become confident eaters.

Foodbank WA CEO, Kate O’Hara said, “Early childhood is a crucial time to establish healthy eating behaviours for optimal health, growth and cognitive development. This program addresses the challenges faced by many parents in the early years and provides practical information and skills to make positive changes at meal times, to improve health outcomes for young children.”

We recognise feeding children can be difficult for some parents, especially with a limited food budget.

This program supports parents to provide nutritious meals for the whole family and take the stress out of mealtimes.

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