Mrs Mac’s answer Foodbank WA’s urgent plea for more food

Australian owned and operated pie producer, Mrs Mac’s, has answered Foodbank WA’s urgent plea for food by generously donating 200,000 pies and sausage rolls for distribution to families in need throughout the state.

Mrs Mac’s has a long history of supporting Foodbank WA and read with concern the article last week stating that donations and stocks were at their lowest point this close to Christmas in several years.

Mrs Mac’s CEO, Paul Slaughter said, “As a family owned and operated business, Mrs Mac’s could not be more proud to assist Foodbank WA to help families who are struggling this Christmas.”

Last financial year Foodbank WA provided 6.1 million meals, 86% of which was donated and rescued from supermarkets, manufacturers, growers and the general public.

Greg Hebble, Foodbank WA’s Chief Executive Officer, said the donation couldn’t have come at a better time as they are still desperate for more food across all six distribution centres.

“The food donations are coming in, however they are disappearing just as fast. To receive a donation of this size is fantastic, as it means that we will have enough stock to last well into the first half of the year.”

Foodbank WA is still in urgently seeking key pantry staples such as rice, pasta, breakfast cereal and tinned goods to be able to provide a balance meal to those seeking food relief. The food and grocery industry and the general public are urged to give what they can.

“We rely heavily on the generosity and support of food donors such as Mrs Mac’s and the general public, to meet the growing demand for hunger relief, so we are hoping that others will follow suit to ensure we have enough food to give people when we re-open in January,” said Mr Hebble.