It was an early start for Team ‘Fridge to Brisbane’

Special mention to Stephen Carey who was game enough to dress up in a mini Purple People Feeder and run 10kms. He was a huge driver (pun intended) of raising awareness of the very real transportation challenges Foodbank Queensland faces, in picking up millions of kilograms of donated food and produce from all across the state.

Stephen and the Chubb Cornerstone broker team, helped recruit runners and fundraisers for the team. Steve prepared by practicing in banana fancy dress, and he will always be remembered as the ‘be the banana’ guy! His tireless fundraising efforts raised a whopping $5,288.87.

All up, over $30,000 was rasied, which will keep the Foodbank vehicles like the Purple People Feeder on the road and picking up donated food and groceries for another 210 days.

A big thank you to all the fruit and vegetable runners, and those in Foodbank singlets, fancy dress and purple shirts, it was amazing see so many of you on the Bridge to Brisbane course.

Thank you.