The Foodbank Hunger Map

With the support of Alinta Energy, Foodbank Australia has developed the Foodbank Hunger Map, a world leading advance in better understanding the issue of food insecurity. 

Described by independent reviewers from the University of Technology Sydney as ‘a pioneering approach in a complex environment’, the Map is a model that synthesizes a range of information sources to model food insecurity and food relief nationally and present it in a clear and useful way. 

The Map is built on the foundation of the Vulnerable Australia Model created by The Art of More, which is underpinned by a pool of over 8,000 data points, to identify the lead indicators predicting social vulnerabilities (eg mental illness, domestic violence, housing stress) by location and prevalence. 

The Map enables us to determine exactly where everyday food insecurity exists down to the suburban level, the current distribution of food relief and where support is still needed, including how much food and how often.