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Thank You!

Foodbank and the charities we support would like to say a big thank you to the major dairy manufacturers and the supporters of our Milk Program for their generosity last year. This is the 5th year of the Milk Program and thanks to their very generous support we’ve been able to deliver 2.65 million litres of milk in 2014-15, and over 8.6 million litres in total, over the last 5 years to people in need.

The Milk Program is one of theQLD-YMCA-School-Breakfast-Program longest running and best established of our key staple programs, it allows Foodbank to provide the basis of a good breakfast and a good source of nutrients, protein and calcium to people who would often go without.

This continues to be made possible by major dairy manufacturers committing to the supply and processing of the milk, along with the Federal Government and Corporate Supporters who provide funds for the packaging and weekly distribution of milk to our warehouses around the country.

A true example of collaboration and working together, thank you!

How does it work?


What our agencies are telling us:

We are told by our agencies that milk and fresh foods are often something that people in need will go without when they are struggling to put a meal on the table. The Milk Program therefore, plays a vital role in providing a much needed product to people in need.

Jen from Soul Centre, Gold Coast picks up Devondale UHT milk produced for Foodbank

Jen from Soul Centre, Gold Coast picking up UHT milk produced for Foodbank

“It is a vitally important receiving milk, it would have to be the biggest drawcard for our clients” – Lynne, Community Care

“Without your generosity it would not be possible to assist struggling families in our area. You’d be surprised who turns up needing help. We are seeing more and more people suddenly out of work who just need a little help to get over a ‘rough patch’. We do whatever we can to get them back on their feet. As well as providing emergency housing, counselling services, furniture assistance and a number of programs to enhance skills, we provide food to about 210 families a week, many with young children, where the milk program plays an important role” – Bronwyn & Dave, ADRA Community Care, Woodridge

“We are grateful for all the food we get from Foodbank. Thanks to the generosity of donations like fresh milk, we are able to provide a staggering 1,500 meals a week via our access vans to families, children and pensioners struggling to make ends meet. As well as distributing cooked meals we also hand out hundreds of food parcels. For some, this is the only source of key staples like fresh food and milk for the week. Your generous donation of fresh milk is always well received” – Juliet, Access Street Vans

“We really appreciate the long-life milk supplied to us from Foodbank and the milk industry. It makes the food hampers we distribute more user friendly as we supply cereal for the families to start their day” – Wyong Regional Conference of St Vincent de Paul

Program Partners

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How can you help?

Even with the great support from our Milk Program Partners, our agencies always appreciate any additional fresh milk as it is one of our most in-demand items.

We understand that individuals and businesses are often keen to help support the community in any way they can, so we now have the option of sponsoring a pallet of milk. It can be a one off or a regular weekly donation, helping to provide a great source of calcium to those in need.

If you would like to learn more about the program and how you might be able to assist please contact Foodbank Australia on (02) 9887 4144.
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