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 Two of Australia’s largest family-owned sheep processors join Foodbank in fighting hunger in Australia

(L to R) Jason Hincks - CEO, Foodbank, Brian James - Director, Thomas Foods, Roger Fletcher – MD, Fletcher International Exports
At the most recent AMIC 2015 Meat Industry Conference in Brisbane, it was announced that Thomas Foods International and Fletcher International Exports would partner with Foodbank to help further develop its Meat Program. This program will allow Foodbank to continue to fight hunger in Australia by providing more meat to Australians in need. Foodbank is happy to announce that all parties have worked through a proposal and that the new collaboration will kick off this month. Foodbank is Australia’s largest hunger relief organisation, providing food to over 2,400 agencies and distributing 33 million kg of food each year. More than 30% of the food distributed goes to rural and regional areas to support their local communities.

Both Thomas Foods International and Fletcher International Exports will each donate one tonne of 65cl mutton trim to Foodbank each month. Primo Smallgoods will then use this to produce a mixed beef and lamb sausage for Foodbank which will be distributed around the country. This donation will see Foodbank’s Meat Program increase from producing 1,400 kg of fresh sausages each month to over 4,300 kg, equating to over 800,000 sausages annually. This is a wonderful example of a collaboration between two of Australia’s largest sheep producers, and Foodbank’s manufacturing partner Primo Smallgoods, who will also donate their manufacturing time. Along with support of Primo’s suppliers, who subsidise the ingredients, and Scott’s Refrigerated Transport Services, who donate the transport to get the sausages to Foodbank’s distribution centres around Australia, Foodbank will be able to provide a much needed source of meat protein to those doing it tough.

Foodbank encourages others to get involved in its Meat Program, one of the easiest ways is by donating a pallet (1 tonne) of meat trim to the program. This donation can be of either beef, mutton or pork and can be a one off donation or made on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. One tonne of meat trim will allow Foodbank to produce around 1,300 kg of sausages (equivalent to 12,000 sausages), enough to feed over 1,200 families in need.

Roger Fletcher says he is proud that his family and staff can work with the industry and Foodbank to be part of the expansion of such a valuable program. “This is a pleasing addition to our long association with Foodbank in Australia”.

Darren Thomas adds: “Thomas Foods International is a family owned company and in partnership with another family owned company, Fletcher International Exports, we are delighted to be helping Foodbank reach families and individuals in their time of need because, that’s what families do!”

Thank You!

On behalf of the 2,400 charities we support, Foodbank would like to say a big thank you to our Meat Program Partners. Thanks to your generous support we are able to produce over four tonnes of fresh sausages a month, equating to over 50,000 kg a year! For our main food relief recipients; low-income families, the elderly and people with disabilities, being able to purchase meat products is something they are often unable to afford. This is why your donations to the Foodbank Meat Program are so important and we are grateful for your support!

Foodbank Meat Program Partners

How can you help?

Over a million Australians seek hunger relief at some point each year and one third of these are children. As Australia’s largest hunger relief organisation, Foodbank provides food to over 2,400 welfare agencies, churches and community groups across Australia, with 35% of the total volume of food being distributed back to rural and regional communities. However, with the demand for food relief continuing to rise, Foodbank needs your help to fight hunger in Australia by providing a much needed source of protein to Australians doing it tough.

There are several different ways you can support the Foodbank Meat Program. This can include donating livestock, processing or manufacturing time/facilities, or providing beef, pork or lamb trim.

Foodbank also accepts finished meat products, including product that is incorrectly labelled and packaged or damaged stock. We accept any donations of meat, in any volume (including bulk) and frequency, as long as it is still fit for human consumption. As Foodbank is supported by all the major retailers, we are able to also accept donations of rejected product, including private label stock.

Foodbank welcomes any donations of meat, in any volume (including bulk) and frequency, as long as it is still fit for human consumption.

 How’s it work?

If you would like to find out more about the program or make a contribution please contact Michael Davidson on 0400 724 613 or at ua.gr1472526522o.kna1472526522bdoof1472526522@leah1472526522cim1472526522

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