2017 Christmas Can Drive results!

Support for our 2017 Christmas Can Drive’s came from all corners this Christmas for a terrific result. Notable mentions this year!

Retail First and All Purpose Transport reached their target of 40 tonne! A very big target made possible through team work and the very generous shopping public!

Youi did an amazing job of helping us collect all the different can drives and storms didn’t hold them back from helping out it was a huge help!

Seasons Aged Care were back again this year to help out and through their villages collected cans and funds to help make a difference this Christmas.

The Brisbane City Council & Brisbane Libraries Book Amnesty collected a staggering 27 tonne in the month of December! Great to see people getting back to the libraries and to all those who just dropped in, THANK YOU!

QPS and the Bearcat were there for handover of cans from the Commissioners Gift Drive with cans collected around Queensland!

QUS Pty Ltd, BHP, Flight Centre and individuals donned the hi-viz and manned the Foodbank vehicles to make sure every can was collected all around Brisbane!

Queensland Government departments this year outdid themselves with 35 collections around the state with whole buildings supporting and regional teams joining in to support their local communities.

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much!  It is through your support, whether one can or one coin it all adds up to amazing results for those doing it tough.

If you would like to help support Foodbank Queensland with a can drive, please phone (07) 3395 8422 or email marketing as below. Remember giving doesn’t end at Christmas.