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Bushfire Emergency

Foodbank is playing a crucial role in the current unprecedented bushfire crisis which is devastating communities across the country.  Foodbank is delivering exactly what is needed, when and where it’s needed in order to efficiently and effectively support the relief efforts.

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Natural disaster relief

Foodbank is the only food relief organisation in Australia to play a role in times of emergency and natural disasters such as fires, floods and cyclones. Foodbank provides essential supplies to support the work of first responders and emergency services as well as giving ongoing assistance to affected communities during the months and years it takes to recover.

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Women bear the brunt of hunger in Australia

The Foodbank Hunger Report 2019 has revealed that women in Australia are 50% more likely to experience food insecurity than men and, in fact, a quarter of all women have experienced food insecurity in some form in the past 12 months.

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Our farmers need our help

Over a year ago, the Australian public rallied behind farming communities struggling with the devastation of the ongoing drought. Drought conditions have worsened dramatically in others and it’s time to look after our rural communities.

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The hunger crisis

One in five people in Australia were food insecure at some point in the last 12 months.

What we do

Foodbank is the pantry to the charity sector in Australia.

The result

Last year alone, we sourced enough food for over 77 million meals.

We fight hunger by sourcing food for people in need


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