In times of crisis, we’re here to help.

How to get food relief

We fight hunger by sourcing food for people in need

The hunger crisis

One in five people in Australia were food insecure at some point in the last 12 months.

What we do

Foodbank is the pantry to the charity sector in Australia.

The result

Last year alone, we sourced enough food for over 77 million meals.

Latest Foodbank News

Foodbank is here to help

In times of crisis we’re here – before, during and after the pandemic. Help ensure no West Australian goes hungry in times of crisis.

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Help fill a bowl for someone in need

Empty Bowls is back 2020! Choose a bowl to keep and fill with soup for $25. Proceeds go towards purchasing food for families in need.

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Coronavirus update (Covid-19)

How Foodbank is responding to ensure that food rescue and food relief continues without disruption.

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Superhero Foods HQ

Visit Superhero Foods HQ for fun and engaging nutrition education and cooking resources for school aged children.

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How to support us


Healthy Eating & Cooking Programs

If you want to learn new ways to eat well on a budget we have a wide range of programs, recipe books and resources for all ages.

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