COVID-19  Food Crisis: a message from our CEO

It was only a few months ago we were sending emergency food relief to communities battling the Victorian bushfires. Those towns are still recovering and now, we find ourselves in another crisis. With parts of Victoria in lockdown, and a growing number of people losing jobs, a steady income or the ability to access food, the need for our services is at an all time high.

As part of our emergency food relief role, we are working closely with the Victorian Government and our network of charity partners to distribute food, personal care items and emergency relief packages to those in need.

Demand for food relief across the State is growing rapidly, at an alarming and unprecedented rate. Foodbanks across Australia reported a 20% increase in the number of people seeking food relief. And we’re seeing a new demographic of people needing help; the newly unemployed, temporary visa holders, international students, and those in isolation or lockdown who are unable to access food.

And while an increasing number of people are struggling to put food on the table, our charity partners are also facing a dwindling workforce due to social distancing regulations. To put it simply, Victoria’s charity sector is struggling to keep up with demand, at a time when we’re needed most.

Now, more than ever – Victorians need our help. Every dollar donated, is two meals created. It’s that simple. Click here to make a donation.

Whether it’s everyday emergencies, the Victorian bushfires or the covid crisis, we’re here to feed Victorians in need. Unfortunately, our service is needed more than ever and we thank you for your support during these turbulent times.