COVID-19  Food Crisis: a message from our CEO

It was only a few months ago we were sending emergency food relief to communities battling the Victorian bushfires. Those towns have only just started the recovery journey and now, we find ourselves in another crisis with the coronavirus. It’s a tough time for many – families are not only struggling to rebuild their fire-ravaged homes, but also facing unemployment and an inability to access food in isolation.

Demand for food relief across the State is growing rapidly, at an alarming and unprecedented rate. And while more and more people are seeking assistance from charitable services, most of these organisations are tackling a dwindling volunteer workforce, the closure of revenue streams such as op-shops and a shortage of food and supplies. To put it simply, our charity partners are struggling to keep up with demand, at a time when they are needed most. And while the long-lasting economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic takes hold, this demand will continue to rise.

Now, more than ever – Victorians need our help. Every dollar donated equals 2 meals created for someone in need. Click here to make a donation.

Whether it’s everyday emergencies, the recent bushfires or the current coronavirus pandemic, we’ve been providing vital food relief to vulnerable Victorians for 90 years. Unfortunately, our service is needed more than ever and we thank you for your support during these turbulent times.