A year in review & what’s to come…

Another milestone met thanks to the hard work and dedication of Foodbank Queensland staff, volunteers and board members.

Without the joint effort in ensuring the stability of the day-to-day operation we could not have exceeded our expectations of 12m kg’s for the 2017/18 period.

To celebrate the landmark, the team stopped for a modest lunch as a thank you to staff and volunteers alike for the hard work and dedication throughout the year.

We are very grateful to our fantastic staff, our 53 regular volunteers, our corporate volunteers (20 per week) and our valued members of the board who so generously offer services outside of their own commitments.

Foodbank Queensland lifted volumes by a staggering 12% on the previous year.  As fantastic as the result was in 2017/18, we can’t stop there.  We still have so much more to do.

We know from our research that 35% more food is needed to feed Queenslanders in need.  That is why we have set a target to achieve 16m kg’s by 2023.

The Foodbank Queensland board has signed off a 3-year strategic plan. The plan has four Strategic Pillars:

  • To proactively secure more food
  • To improve regional food relief in Queensland
  • To revitalise operational resources and capability
  • To sustainably fund the investment in food relief

Foodbank Queensland is already hard at work implementing the approved strategy.  Discussions have begun on our need for a larger warehouse in Brisbane and we have also discussed several options to improve food relief in key regional centres and our overall fundraising efforts.

If you would like to get involved to help us achieve the above goals, please contact our friendly staff.