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Our passionate team of nutritionists and dietitians have created a new recipe book – Heathy Tucker: Healthy Recipes for All Communities. Designed to incorporate ingredients from the five core food groups, and limit added sugars, salt and fat.

The recipe book has a focus on canned and frozen fruit and vegetables to provide low cost and healthy tucker for all, regardless of whether you live in the city or remote outback of Western Australia.

The book includes an additional eight pages of nutrition information, such as the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating and serve sizes, plus suggested food swaps and money saving tips.

The recipe book contains 12 delicious and heathy dishes which were tried and tested by our team and the Western Australian community. We’re proud to share our step-by-step recipes for Spiced Carrot Dip, Chocolate Banana Pancakes, Beany Breakfast Slice, Muesli Bars, Bean Salad, Rice Salad, Chicken and Corn Soup, Mexican Stuffed Potatoes, Chicken Pasta, Fish Curry, Speedy Stew, and Fruit Ice Cream.

Keep an eye out for information about a digital copy soon but until then, purchase a physical version through the Superhero Foods HQ.

Foodbank WA Nutrition Education Healthy Tucker Book

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