COVID-19 brings desperate hardship to Angelina’s family

Before the pandemic hit, life was already tough for loving parents Angelina and Jakob. Jakob works long hours at a dairy factory to provide for their family – but despite his long, exhausting shifts, his income was never quite enough.

“My husband works very hard to provide for us all, but due to COVID-19, his hours have been reduced. It’s a very tough time for us,” Angelina said.

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Now, with Jakob’s hours slashed, there simply isn’t enough money for food. All too often Angelina and Jakob go without, skipping meals so their children can eat.

It’s a heartbreaking situation – and one far too many families are facing right now, with so many livelihoods lost to COVID-19. Latest Foodbank figures show 28% of Queenslanders in crisis are going a whole day a week without eating.

These times are especially hard for people like Angelina and Jakob, who have no family network to turn to.

“We don’t have any family here in Australia. We live in a three-bedroom house and often my husband sleeps in the dining room as we don’t have enough space for all our children. Sometimes I don’t have much hope for a better life when a bill comes and we don’t have money to pay on time. I try my best but it’s really hard to have hope.”

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“I always pay bills before buying food, as I need to keep a roof over my children’s heads. It’s better to be hungry than not pay our rent.” Angelina said.

For families like Angelina’s, gifts of nutritious food and groceries are a lifeline in times of desperate hardship. That’s why your support is so important.

Your generosity has made sure that people like Angelina and her family were able to receive food and support during a time of crisis. Thank you for making a difference.