Thanks to Foodbank Supporters, this struggling mum received a knock on the door that changed everything. 

The scary truth is it only takes one setback to push a person into the nightmare of hunger…  It happened to Queensland mum Anne. She had a stable job and had so many plans for her young children.

Through no fault of her own, Anne was pushed below the poverty line after suffering a serious injury and was forced to skip meals to make ends meet. The young mum suffered the loss of her speech and ability to walk. With no means of income and only a small disability pension, it was often only enough to pay for her therapy and medications.

Whenever she could, Anne scraped together enough for noodles, Weet-Bix, or bananas. Many times though, she’d simply go to bed early to avoid the burning hunger or drink warm water to fill herself up. Not having enough to eat made Anne feel worthless.

“Sometimes I wouldn’t eat for days, as I wanted to save what little bit of money I had left, to provide for my kids during their visits. I was often starving, but my babies would always be happy, so I decided it was worth it.” – Anne

Thanks to generous supporters like you, Anne received a knock on the door that changed everything. A food hamper was placed in her arms.

“It was overwhelming. In the hamper was everything to stock my pantry full. Things like flour, sugar, cereal, spaghetti, and tinned goods. Thinking about it still makes me smile.” – Anne

As the cost of living continues to rise, more and more Queensland families like Anne’s are experiencing desperate hardship and are struggling to put food on the table. We need your help to get food to families like Anne’s who need it most.

“Getting help to feed myself has made me realise good people are out there. Some of the nicest ones are strangers who support the work of Foodbank. It feels so good to be able to eat. Thank you!” – Anne

Every $1 you donate will provide two nutritious meals to someone facing hunger like Anne.

*This is a real Queensland story of hardship. Anne’s name is changed to her protect identity.