Specific and catered food relief throughout the Wheatbelt

Arc Infrastructure have helped Foodbank WA deliver specific and catered food relief into the Wheatbelt over the past year. Being such a widespread region, a barrier to food relief is travel to access essential provisions.

Following a needs assessment into the region to identify the degree of food relief in the region and a potential model which would service the area two years ago, the project has finished its first year of the trial project, gaining a further understanding of need in the area as the project has progressed.

Various Community Resource Centres within different key towns have acted as ‘hubs’ within the region, where Foodbank WA drops essential food relief hampers to and then surrounding towns can tap into to access for their own areas. This has been a model to help overcome transport issues.

Over the past year we have managed to deliver to hubs in Wyalkatchem, Northam and Wagin which then distribute amongst places such as: Koorda, Cunderdin, Kalannie, Beacon etc.

As the project has progressed, more and more towns have reached out for support, as the conversation around food insecurity is promoted. We are looking to add Bruce Rock and Merredin to the service soon.

Arc Infrastructure holding food relief hampers

All food relief hampers and the transport to hubs within the wheatbelt is fully subsidised by the Arc Infrastructure support, meaning individuals and families in the Wheatbelt in need of food relief provisions have access to them.

Throughout the project, the Arc Infrastructure team have rallied behind our mission. Their executive team including CEO Murray Cook have volunteered in our Warehouse to pack hampers. And along the way, various Arc teams have joined our volunteering as well.

Arc have also carried our food nutrition messaging throughout their sites for their Family Safety Days, where they have provided Superhero Foods® resources for their family and team.

Overall, Arc as a whole organisation have joined us on our food relief mission in various aspects and importantly, have enabled us to take a step forward in food relief to reach vulnerable members of the Wheatbelt region who would otherwise go without.

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