Fueling Foodbank Bunbury

ATCO’s Communities Fund is stepping up for Foodbank Bunbury

Foodbank WA would like to extend a huge thank you to ATCO Communities Fund for supporting Foodbank Bunbury again in 2022.

ATCO sponsored the fuel costs for our Foodbank Bunbury vehicles throughout the year, helping ensure our ability to collect and rescue valuable food donations throughout the South West region. Support for Foodbank Bunbury’s fuel costs in 2022 have helped our branch collect more than 200,000kg of product.

The South West region is a particularly important region for the Foodbank WA network, supplying all of our branches with fresh fruit and vegetables to ensure all our vulnerable families have access to healthy, nutritious product.

The ATCO Communities Fund first supported our Foodbank Bunbury vehicles in 2021 and continued this support in 2022, in what ended up being a critical time of need for our operations – the price of fuel dramatically increased. In 2021, the average price per litre was 139.07 but in 2022 this increased to 205.28. This meant that during the same period of time, Foodbank Bunbury spent $2,500 more on fuel but received 800 litres less in fuel.

Foodbank Bunbury vehicles with a woman smiling

It is this sort of valuable support for our operations that goes such a long way in our ability to provide essential food relief and rescue valuable food product throughout the South West region.

Thank you ATCO!

Read the mid-year report about our partnership