Foodbank Bunbury can accomplish more thanks to ATCO’s support.


ATCO Australia have generously continued their support of Foodbank Bunbury for 2022 as part of the ATCO Communities Fund. The financial support covers fuel expenses for Foodbank Bunbury’s fleet of vehicles for 6-8 months.

This support is incredibly valuable during this time with high fuel prices. ATCO’s support allows Foodbank Bunbury to continue food rescue and food donation collection to reduce food wastage within the Southwest region.  

In 2021, ATCO grant funding helped Foodbank Bunbury rescue more than 287,000kg of food by covering fuel expenses for 7 months.  And this year alone from March to June, the fuel assistance has helped Foodbank Bunbury collect more than 117,000 kilos of food product – most of which would have otherwise gone to landfill.

ATCO’s support is particularly timely and important funding, with fuel costs much higher than last year. Support for our operational costs really helps maximise our ability to dedicate our resources to food relief and reaching the vulnerable community within the region.   

As a comparison to last year, we’ve had to spend $1,436 more and received 588 litres less in fuel. If you go on the increase in average price per litre this is a 51% increase in the cost of fuel. We can’t thank ATCO enough for their generous support.   

The South West region is rich with fresh fruit and vegetable product, with many local growers generously donating fresh food that not only feeds Foodbank Bunbury but the whole Foodbank WA network.

Help your fellow Australians in need – every $1 helps.