With YOUR help, our Christmas Appeal put 5.3 MILLION beautiful, healthy meals into the hands of Victorians

Foodbank Staff Member Steve at a market wearing a Christmas hat, holding a hamper in front of a crate of eggplants

Feeding 57,000 people a day takes more than a village. In the lead up to Christmas, we saw demand reach epic proportions, with dual income families all over the state struggling to afford food let alone Christmassy treats.

We knew that working people couldn’t get to charities during business hours.

Thanks to thousands of generous people like YOU, Foodbank set up special Christmas markets in the north, south, east and west of Melbourne so all those hard-working people could pick up whatever they needed to feed their families without stress.

More than 1,000 families filled their bags and baskets with farm fresh veggies and fruit along with essential staples like bread, milk, pasta and rice…enough for 50,000 meals plus a few little extra treats which brought out the smiles.

The markets were just one part of a huge, whole effort delivered hand in hand with our 500 charity partners, 1,000 schools and YOU.

Together we made sure all those humble, hardworking families around Victoria weren’t forgotten. As if we’d ever let that happen!


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