Over the food rainbow with you

Since the bushfires of 2019, Victorians have had zero time to reflect and slow down. Here at Foodbank, we’re focused on how to help everyone get back to living their lives again, beyond simply making it through to the end of each day.

We’ve given ourselves a big mission. To learn how communities have been impacted over the last four years and understand how we might better respond to that. We call this our ‘Neighbourhood Assessments’ (yep – it has Sesame Street vibes).

Our team is currently getting to know all 79 local government ‘neighbourhoods’ in Vic, listening to people of every age and situation, as well as seeking out the food data that underpins their stories.

By ‘data’ we mean “who needs what” and “where are the gaps.” Sure, it will take time – there are no shortcuts. But with these insights, we’re creating community food programs that give everyone agency and power where they live.

These programs celebrate and support community through food. Growing food, social enterprises, learning and sharing how to cook, socialising in our cafes, and providing healthy food options through our social supermarkets.

We want people who are trying to get through life on the basics to be able to enjoy what food can provide – a healthy body, healthy mind and social connection. To move from a situation of just surviving to absolutely thriving!!


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