Turns out food is Love, Actually

As a parent, your reason for being is making sure your kids have all their needs met, particularly the most basic ones, like healthy, nutritious food.

Leileene, who has two primary school aged kids, was living with the fear of not being able to do this loving thing.

Growing up in an environment where people didn’t ask for help, she was expected to be strong and create a ‘picture perfect’ image. So, when things got rough the thought of reaching out was terrifying.

Leileene holding a bag looking at green vegetables at Christmas market

An invite to a Foodbank market held in the lead up to Christmas at her kid’s school (in partnership with our bestie Chobani), felt for Leileene like the first time it might be okay to accept some help.

“I was in shock at the variety of fresh produce on offer. My kids kept asking ‘what does it cost?’ I’ve never seen them so excited to have fresh veggies in the fridge before! Foodbank has helped my family through tough times and I’m extremely grateful that my kids have been able to see that there is still so much good in the world.”

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