Brad’s Story

As a single dad, every day is a struggle for Brad to feed himself and his three kids. The leadup to Christmas is even harder, knowing there is no way he can provide the Christmas day they deserve.

Here at Foodbank Queensland, we share stories of those we support to ignite the flame of community support and generosity. Brad’s journey is a stark reminder of how quickly fortunes can turn; let’s band together as a community to support not only Brad and his family, but the thousands of Queensland families that will be going hungry this Christmas without your support.

Brad is a single father of three beautiful children, whose life was once filled with the buzz of a thriving business and the joy of providing his family without hesitation. He prided himself of being a self-sufficient father, able to provide for his children and provide a stable and loving home. With the sudden collapse of his business due to economic downturn, the stable ground beneath him gave way – and it can happen to anyone.

Now Brad faces each day with the rising sun as a promise and a challenge. He spends days collecting cans to turn into mere dollars to provide food for his children, even if it’s not nearly as much as he used to earn. He stretches every dollar to cover the basic needs of his children.

Brad’s three children are his world. Despite the daily strain, he is an Aussie battler and a great father ensuring that his children are loved and valued, even though maternal possessions are sparse. As the holiday season approaches, the pressure mounts.

You can’t not let Santa come…” – Brad.

Brad wants to provide the very best for his children but knows he can’t without support and he is determined to provide a magical Christmas. Behind his unwavering optimism and resilience he models for his children, there’s an unbearable emotional toll that Brad carries. He’s shouldering the burden of his family’s future while dealing with emotional toll that he wants to provide his children the Christmas they deserve.

Brad knows he can’t do it alone. His pride may have been challenged, but his spirit remains undaunted. His story isn’t just about struggle; it’s a testament to the love of a parents and the support of a community – the unwavering hope that it will get better.

Picture a Christmas morning where you wake up and Santa hasn’t come… there’s nothing under the tree and you can’t even do breakfast, let alone Christmas lunch. Every child deserves a sense of normalcy, stability and joy during the holidays. But not all do – and this Christmas we are looking at an alarming number of Queenslanders in desperate need.

Don’t let Brad’s children remember this Christmas for the absence left by hardship. Let them remember it for the kindness of strangers who became their unseen Santas. You can be the difference for Brad and his children this festive season.

Please help feed hungry families this Christmas.

Help Brad’s family this Christmas