Breakfast at school, 500 times over

 What the School Breakfast Program means for Emma’s family

For Emma, it feels like juggling a mountain on a tightrope. With two growing boys, the rising cost of living has squeezed their budget tighter than ever. 

School fees are one thing but it’s the extras that really sting. New shoes, lunches, excursions – it just keeps adding up. By the time we’ve covered everything, there’s barely enough left for groceries, let alone filling lunchboxes.

Emma’s story isn’t unique. Thousands of Western Australian families face the same dilemma – the squeeze between back-to-school expenses and feeding their children. 

In over 500 schools across the State, a special program is feeding change, one breakfast at a time. 

Our School Breakfast Program is bringing breakfast to kids, ensuring hunger has no place in our school system.  

WA Foodbank WA School Breakfast Program Breakfast at School 500 Times Over

Children with regular access to healthy, nutritious meals have improved cognitive function, higher academic performance and increased school attendance. Here at Foodbank, we’re bridging this gap by ensuring schools have the resources to support their students and provide every child with the fuel they need to learn.

This back-to-school season, let’s rewrite the narrative: no child should have their education overshadowed by hunger. 

Published on Friday, 2 February 2024

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