School Spotlight: Bundarra Primary School

With the number of activities on offer for students at Bundarra Primary School’s Breakfast Club, grabbing a nutritious breakfast is just another bonus. At Breakfast Club students have the option of playing with puzzle books and card games, practising their colouring skills with food themed colouring sheets, or trying their hand at breakfast trivia. The room is also decorated with breakfast themed pictures and information.

The games and activities help create a very social environment for students, which encourages a large turnout each morning.

Here’s what Bundarra PS Breakfast Club Coordinator, Katie had to say:

“We open at 8:30am every morning serving breakfast to anyone who wants it – sometimes even mums, dads, grandparents and friends eat with their kids! Our Breakfast Club is based in an old kitchen that’s been cleaned up and has become the social safe hub of our school. We have books, puzzles, weekly trivia, colouring sheets and card games available every day. We have a Breakfast Club playlist that the kids choose songs to be added to and is played every morning – there has been the occasional dance off! The kids know there will always be a place to go and someone to talk to.

We have a ‘Breakfast Team’ of 3 senior students that change each term. Part of their job is to greet other students when they arrive in the kitchen, they keep breakfast running smoothly – helping make toasted sandwiches, toast and apple slinkies and help clean up when breakfast is finished. The Breakfast Team are rostered on twice a week although they often still come in and help out on the other days! The kitchen is open to the whole school and its awesome watching kids interact with other students they normally wouldn’t interact with. We can’t thank Foodbank enough for giving us the opportunity to be able to provide this for our school community and without the amazing generosity of Bakers Delight in Portland we wouldn’t have the variety of food we do.”

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