Breaking records with Primo Foods!

It was a bright and early start as the team at Primo Foods in Wacol attempted to set a new world-record for the most bacon and egg rolls cooked.

The record attempt was to celebrate the unveiling of Australia’s largest single solar panel rooftop at Primo Foods Wacol factory. The solar panel roof powered the BBQs to cook over 2,000 eggs and rashers of bacon.

More than 50 Primo staff cooked a world record 2,091 bacon and egg rolls, something that had never been attempted before. Primo is Australia’s largest producer of bacon, so it made sense that Primo turned to Foodbank, the largest food relief organisation in Australia, to help ensure that the rolls did not go to waste once the record was broken.

Thanks to Primo Foods’ existing national donor partnership with Foodbank, we were able to collect and donate the rolls to two of our nearby charity partners immediately after they were cooked to ensure that the freshly cooked rolls did not go to waste.

We had a fantastic time being involved with breaking a world-record.  Thanks Primo Foods for a great day!