Briony’s Story

Meet Briony and her 4 year old daughter. In 2011, Briony was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and had to stop working immediately in order to start invasive and aggressive treatment.

During one of the hardest times of her life, Briony turned to a local charity for food assistance. She was given a voucher to shop at Foodbank WA and was able to leave with a car full of groceries.

“It filled me with an overwhelming sense of relief. At this time I would not eat food so my daughter never went hungry. It’s a very fine line struggling and Foodbank helped me take care of myself so I could take care of her.”

“There is a stigma in the community to ask for help, but in all honesty there are really vulnerable people through no fault of their own going hungry because they have paid their rent, bills, car payments or are providing care for family members that make it hard to buy food.”

"I know In the event we struggle, Foodbank can help if our fridge and pantry start to look a little sparse"