Sudden unemployment left Camille seeking food relief for the first time.

“During COVID-19, the restaurants and cafés closed, so, unfortunately, I lost my four jobs.” – Camille

Camille never imagined that, when she came to Australia to study, a global pandemic would leave her jobless and unable to afford life’s necessities, miles away from home.

Before COVID-19, Camille was busy working four casual jobs and studying at a local Brisbane university. However, COVID-19 lockdowns forced the restaurants and cafes where she was working to close down. Although she tried to apply for many other jobs, nowhere was hiring.

As an international student from France, Camille was unable to access any Government assistance. Luckily, some of her friends told her about one of Foodbank Queensland’s Member Charities where she could receive much needed support.

Being able to access food relief meant Camille could focus on trying to pay her rent.

“During COVID-19 I was eating so much less. As a student here, I had no money.” – Camille

When it comes to COVID-19 causing hunger in the community, young adults have been hit the hardest, with significant numbers of casual employees and international students like Camille reaching out for help for the very first time.

Sadly, 65% of hungry Queenslanders aged 18-25 are going without food at least once a week – significantly more than any other age group.

Camille was so inspired by the food relief charity providing essential groceries to people in need, that she began volunteering there once a week.

“Food relief really makes a big difference for people who need it.” – Camille

Your generosity will help people like Camille receive the essential groceries they need to get back on their feet. Thank you for making a difference.

Every $1 you donate will provide two nutritious meals to someone facing hunger like Camille.