Citipointe Foodcare: supporting a community in need.

Just over half of parents experiencing food insecurity (54%) have sought food assistance from a charity, with two in five (40%) seeking food assistance in the last 12 months.

Citipointe Community Care first established their food relief program back in 2011 servicing approximately over 2,000 people annually.

Based in Inala their community is diverse and sees them helping refugees, asylum seekers, low-income families, single parent homes, drug and alcohol affected community members, the disabled, those affected by domestic violence, the homeless and indigenous Australians. Those seeking assistance have come from many African nations, Asia, India, Europe and the Middle East to New Zealand.

The Foodcare Team consists of over 60 dedicated volunteers weekly to serve the local community in a number of ways including:

  • School Breakfast Clubs to 3,000 students
  • Distribution of approx. of 21 tonnes of fresh produce to over 5,000 people per week
  • Low-cost food store open to all including the already 3,000+ members
  • Free breakfast and lunch daily to those in need through the Kitchen Connect Team

Citipointe Church West works regularly and closely with many other agencies in the area to assist the local community and government to help build resilience, minimise isolation, bring connection within the community and change the socio-economic class of Inala.

Groups such as Inala Youth Service, Inala Housing, Inala Headspace and the Brisbane City Council. As well as Indigenous Community Health and their ‘Closing the Gap’ program. QLD Mental Health assisting their Chaplaincy and food for families in need. Scripture Union through initiation and inauguration of School Breakfast Programs in the Western Suburbs.

“Without Foodbank we wouldn’t have been able to operate whatsoever and see the socio-economic area rise. One question I ask myself is – would Inala notice if we weren’t here? The answer is absolutely yes! And just the same for Foodbank!” “It’s so wonderful knowing how much Foodbank actually cares for people and are changing the course of the stories written of humanity.” says Bree.

Foodbank Queensland would like to recognise the important role all our frontline charity partners play in bettering the lives of so many. To see successful collaboration between acharities such as this, means a better utilization of services and a great commitment to making a difference to many.