Containers for Change at Foodbank WA

Do you know how many containers are thrown away each year?

We’ve partnered with Containers for Change to raise money for our community and to save 10c containers from landfill.

Containers for Change collection points are now located at Foodbank’s Perth and Bunbury locations. You can simply drop your 10c containers into the bins on site and the refunds from the containers will go direct to Foodbank WA.

Since Containers for Change started on 1 October 2020, more than 1.5 billion 10c containers have been kept out of landfill and recycled. That is enough to wrap around the earth 6.8 times! Additionally, in this time, more than 800 jobs have been created and a whopping $5 million in refunds has been donated to community groups and charities, such as Foodbank WA.

Containers for Change CEO Tim Cusack said “Containers for Change is proud to partner with Foodbank, providing more ways to fight hunger and source food for people in need.

“This partnership means people donating goods to Foodbank WA can also donate their 10c containers at the same time, magnifying their good deeds.”

WA Containers For Change Article Image

However, just this year alone, another 530 million 10c containers have been discarded into landfill, where they will be buried. That is the equivalent of $53 million in donations.

Recycling your containers ensures they are given a new life – as shoes, pens, road base, kitchen foil, electronics, furniture, tissue paper and new 10c containers.

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