Cooking for Change

Changing lives with St Pat’s Fremantle and Fremantle Fast Track

Imagine a partnership that doesn’t just tick boxes but ignites empathy, fuels learning, and facilitates lasting change. It’s not just a notion; it’s a heartwarming reality through the inspiring collaboration between Fremantle Fast Track, St. Patrick’s Youth Place (St Pat’s Fremantle), and Foodbank WA.

Enter Fremantle Fast Track, an offsite Senior School Engagement Program by North Lake Senior Campus. Education here isn’t confined to the four walls of a classroom, but a commitment to empowering students with lifelong skills. An invitation extended to us to conduct three immersive four-week youth nutrition education and cooking programs. The mission? Equipping students with indispensable healthy eating skills.

These weren’t just any sessions; they were vibrant, interactive cooking adventures that fused learning with fun. In this engaging journey, we tackled pivotal subjects: understanding food labels, embracing healthy eating habits, prioritising food safety, mastering the food budget, and crafting meal plans. 

WA Foodbank WA Cooking for Change with Fremantle Fast Track and St Pat's Fremantle

The impact of this collaboration goes beyond the learning itself. After the session concludes, the students are presented with a choice: to carry home their culinary creations or to extend kindness. Without fail, they have chosen the latter. In a kind gesture, the students donate and deliver their food to St Patrick’s Youth Place, an organisation assisting 15 to 25-year-olds who are at risk of or experiencing homelessness. 

As one student shared, “I really feel like I have done something today, not everyone has food to eat, so I am glad I can give someone at least one meal.” 

Their choice has resulted in eight batches of nourishing meals, brightening the lives of those facing vulnerability and adversity. These meals go beyond sustenance; they serve as a reminder that even a simple gesture can ignite hope. 

And our journey isn’t nearing its end; it’s evolving. Plans for more sessions and groups in 2024 are underway, promising to deepen the roots of this impactful partnership. 

Together, we’re not just discussing wellbeing – we’re delivering it, one nourishing meal at a time. If you’d like to book a nutrition education and cooking program for your community please visit  

Our Healthy Eating Hub in Fremantle, supported by Hawaiian, was proud to host these programs.  

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