Cooking up healthy habits with nom!

Delivering nutrition education

Two sessions, two age groups, one shared mission: empower families to make delicious, nutritious choices. Join us for a day in the life of our nom! Families program, where healthy eating turns into a fun family adventure at the Salvation Army in Kwinana. 

In the morning, little chefs-in-training giggled as they learned that everyday foods are actually Superhero Foods® in disguise. Armed with plastic knives, they transformed their lunchboxes into rainbows of fruit and vegetables. “This is really good and kids can help to do it by themselves. It’s such a fun day of cooking for all ages,” one of the parents shared. 

The afternoon brought older children eager to navigate the “pretend” supermarket with their parents, selecting ingredients for healthy snacks. Learning about the five food groups with our interactive activities, they discovered how to eat a balanced diet.  

But the real magic wasn’t just in the food. It was in the anxieties soothed. A parent, proudly holding the food cooked by their youngest, said “it’s a relief to find ways to help my fussy eater try new foods. 

WA Foodbank WA Nutrition Education with nom nom!

And that’s the heart of nom! Families. It’s not just about recipes; it’s about building lasting healthy habits, one bite at a time. All you need is the confidence and the ingredients. 

This program, funded by Anglicare and the City of Kwinana, and delivered by our amazing nutritionists, is showing families that healthy doesn’t have to be bland. It’s colourful, it’s collaborative and most importantly, it’s delicious.  

So, grab your aprons, gather your loved ones and get ready to cook up some fun with nom! Because healthy habits start young, one joyful bite at a time. 

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