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The most feel-good email from a Foodbank WA customer

Of all the feel-good customer emails we receive each year, this message stood out so we wanted to share it with you.

With permission, we are able to share Renae’s feedback, “I would just like to say a big thank you to everyone at Foodbank WA and a special thank you to your Mushroom Guys donation. We all know meat is the most expensive grocery item and when I cook without it my family feel like they’re missing out. After last week’s visit I came home with about 500g of assorted gourmet mushrooms. Using only items I already had in my pantry I made a mushroom risotto that got so many compliments they want it again 😅.

They didn’t feel like they were missing out on anything and the happiness it brought to our table made me feel rich! Everyone is quick to reach out to make complaints and I just want to thank you all for the help I am receiving during this very hard time. I pray things turn around soon as I would love to pay forward the kindness and support. 

WA Customer Story trying Pannacotta recipe

We reached out to Renae to thank her for her feedback and learnt that she and her family had been sitting around the dinner table, which according to Renae has been a tense spot, “as it’s hard to cook favourites of a family of carnivores when meat is so expensive and I’ve had to stop working” and agreed to focus on whatever magic they could create with the ingredients from Foodbank WA and they would photograph and critique the food on a weekly basis. 

Last week they made pannacotta from free cooking cream and free skim milk and only added sugar and gelatine from the pantry. With berry season starting they dressed them up with fresh berries and had a photo competition between themselves.  

I could not be more grateful to Foodbank WA and their partners for all the good they do. I wanted to explain that receiving reduced price food was just the start. With one less stress on my head I can relax a little and now my children are embracing the frugality and it has become something we are bonding over. 

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