Cooking Classes engage families at Dana Street Primary School

The School Breakfast Clubs Program Cooking Classes team spent four weeks providing two-hour classes focusing on food literacy, cooking and nutrition education at Dana Street Primary School in Ballarat. The cooking classes provided the school community with a setting where families could come together, learn and bond over healthy cooking experiences.

Families are drawn to the Cooking Classes due to their inclusive nature, allowing all members to participate and learn to cook delicious and healthy recipes. Conducting classes within the familiar school environment further encourages participation and strengthens the bond between families.

Students love the Cooking Classes, particularly enjoying the opportunity to prepare their own meals alongside their families and eating vegetables in recipes that they think are delicious. Who can resist broccoli on pizza when you make it yourself?

Parents love the classes too, with the experience being a precious moment to bond with their children in a comfortable environment. The families also enjoy learning to cook and being creative with resources available in their own kitchens.

FBV Dana Street PS cooking class

Nurturing healthy habits within the community

Through hands-on cooking experiences and the provision of free meals and hampers, the program fosters healthier habits and alleviates financial strain for families facing economic challenges. Students also benefit from exposure to new foods, expanding their culinary horizons and promoting nutritious eating habits.

Feedback from families shows a positive response to the food hampers provided, with many using the included recipe cards. The program’s impact extends beyond the classroom, with families replicating the cooking experience at home and sharing their success stories with their community. Passing on healthy habits and encouraging more people to eat more vegetables.

The school’s decision to host Cooking Classes stemmed from the desire to offer families an enriching experience that promotes health and togetherness. The program’s accessibility and safety within the school environment made it an irresistible opportunity for the school community.

Fritters cooking in a frypan

Cooking ingredients on a plate

What difference do the Cooking Classes make to the families?

The Classes not only provide ongoing health benefits, but they can also mean the difference between eating food that night or not. One family attending the classes at Dana Street Primary School has times when they cannot afford to give their children food to take to school. Attending the Cooking Classes meant the family not only got to experience the fun of cooking together, but also take the food hamper home and cook for another night. Knowing they had a healthy meal at no cost was a major benefit for this family.


The cooking program has been amazing, my boys with extra needs have been more open to trying foods because they have helped prepare them. The boys have been asking to cook at home almost every day. Mr 8 even cooked eggs for his dinner after the last cooking class we attended!! It’s been great to do as a family and we will be continuing to cook as a family once a week,” a participating parent shared.


This seems to good to be true. From organisation, to preparation and relationships, this program is absolutely amazing! We have been so pleased that our school can be part of this program and that it benefitted so many different families within our school. Between the onsite cooking classes and the food hampers, 24 families have benefited from this program. It is lovely to see the families come together to cook and prepare a healthy meal together. Their teamwork and bonding as a family has also been wonderful to watch throughout this program. This is something that we would most definitely recommend to others,” said Kelly Kosloff, the school contact coordinating the Cooking Classes.