A day in a nom! Kids program

Bringing nutrition education to life

Step into the world of our nom! Kids program, where nutrition education comes alive with enthusiasm, laughter and hands-on learning. We recently embarked on a mission to educate and inspire 100 eager students from Tuart Rise Primary School, and this inspiring day was made possible through the generous support of a Healthway grant, dedicated parent volunteers and passionate teachers. 

The day kicked off with Year 3 students immersing themselves in the world of nutrition. Through interactive activities and group discussions, they discovered the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating. The core food groups came to life in a lively relay race, as students raced to match foods to their respective categories. 

The student’s curiosity was infectious, and it wasn’t just the children. Some parents couldn’t resist joining in on the fun, deepening their understanding of nutrition alongside their children. This shared learning experience fostered a stronger connection between parents and kids, reinforcing the importance of making healthy food choices as a family. 

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But the day didn’t just stop at theory. Under our guidance the students rolled up their sleeves and got busy in the kitchen, whipping up crowd favourites like Coco Loco Balls, Noodle Ninja Salad and Masher Man Pie. The room was abuzz with the joyful chaos of kids working together, sharing smiles and laughter as they brought their culinary creations to life. 

The shared meal experience was a heartwarming highlight for many of the students. They didn’t just savour the delicious dishes they had prepared; they embraced the spirit of togetherness and community that comes with sharing a meal. Second helpings were gladly accepted, and some even packed up their creations in takeaway boxes, a clear sign of their newfound cooking confidence. 

Feedback from the teachers and parent volunteers was overwhelmingly positive. One teacher shared, “Hopefully we can get the grant next year so that Foodbank can come again because the students loved every bit of it”. 

In every laugh, every shared meal and every moment of discovery, the nom! Kids program is making a positive impact on the lives of young students. Through education, engagement and a sprinkle of culinary magic, it’s empowering the next generation to make healthier choices and build stronger connections with their families. The nom! Kids program is not just teaching about nutrition; it’s nurturing young minds, one delicious meal at a time. 

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