Durkin Produce

Located in Thorpdale, Victoria’s ‘potato capital,’ Durkin Produce have been long-term supporters of Foodbank, regularly donating potatoes to help feed those in need.

Father and son duo, Mike and Matt Durkin, oversee the harvest of 10,000 tonnes of potatoes a year for the Durkin Group. The farm supplies a large amount of potatoes to Woolworths and Aldi every year.

Son Matt says when working in the food industry, it’s important to have a social conscience.

“We like donating to Foodbank as it allows for some of our potatoes to make their way to some of those less fortunate in our community, and provide them with a good nutritious food staple,” he says.

Mike, who is in charge of the operation, says that aside from a social conscience, the benefit of farmers donating to Foodbank is that it avoids waste.

He says because consumers only want premium potatoes from supermarkets, many of their potatoes are unable to make their way to retailers.

“It’s very frustrating. There’s nothing wrong with the product apart from cosmetically or it’s out of specifications. But it’s just wasted.”

“The Thorpdale farming community is no different to any other. Everyone is involved in the footy and netball clubs, the school and kinder and things are tough in the bush.

“Whether you donate time or services or product, it’s part and parcel of living in regional Australia.”

It’s thanks to generous farmers and growers like Durkin Produce that we’re able to ensure hungry Victorians have access to healthy food.

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