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Meet the Hunger Ghrelins toy kits

My kids? Snack monsters,” Daniel laughed. “There’s never enough snacks in the house for these two.

Daniel recently visited our school holiday activity station at Warwick Grove shopping centre. “My youngest spotted the purple monster so we had to come check it out,” he said. “This is a great idea to teach them that there’s a world beyond our fridge.”   

The two girls sat down and sculpted what their hunger monster looked like to them. “Mine has lots of eyes and arms because it’s looking for food,” the eldest giggled. The youngest created a “hunger explosion” that took the shape of lots of little monsters.  

 “[I bought the kits because] I wanted to give them something to do during the school holidays and I like the educational component. Plus they’re creative and it’s good to give them something to bond over.”  

Like Daniel, you can help us fight hunger by purchasing a Hunger Ghrelin toy kit. By sculpting your Hunger Ghrelin, you’re helping children fight theirs.

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