Wonderful Watermelons

A generous food donation to Foodbank WA

The wonderful people behind Red Dirt Melons, run by the Ghalloub Family have donated a whopping 19,800kg of watermelons right in time for the burst of beautiful warm Spring weather.

The family have owned and operated their watermelon & pumpkin farms since 1960 and have a huge amount of experience with growing all types of seedless and seeded watermelon, rockmelons and pumpkin varieties. Their farm comprises over 800 hectares and it is considered one of Australia’s largest single melon producers.

Red Dirt Melons grow a range of fresh  watermelons ensuring the juiciest, largest and sweetest produce in an environmentally sustainable way. This allows not only for a better environment to grow more fruits but also allows them to maximise the freshness and longevity of the grown produce. The Red Dirt Melons annual growing season period will produce an average of 25,000 tonnes of seedless and seeded watermelon.

Thank you Red Dirt Melons!

behind mike are boxes of watermelons he donated

Kate holding the food donated watermelons

Food donated watermelons in boxes

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