Foodbank Queensland’s Warm Up for Winter campaign.

Foodbank Queensland is a network of 300 hunger relief charities and 200 school breakfast programs supporting communities throughout Queensland. As a non-denominational, charitable organisation Foodbank Queensland collects donated and surplus food and then organises its distribution to the many welfare agencies providing assistance to Queenslanders in need.

Now that the cold weather is here, Foodbank Queensland’s Warm Up for Winter Campaign kicked off on 11 May 2017 and is running non-stop until 30 June 2017. This campaign is working towards guaranteeing a regular source of food to Queenslanders in need this winter.

The Warm Up for Winter Campaign links with Foodbank’s Key Staples Program and is part of the nation-wide activities of Foodbank Australia. The Program receives extensive corporate support from companies who provide funds, services and food for Foodbank to continue and increase its services to the community. Have a look here at the many corporations already involved. If you would like your business to join in click here and, as they say, follow the prompts.

With its connection to the Key Staples Program, Foodbank Queensland’s Warm Up for Winter Campaign maintains the ‘donation to food supplied’ ratio of $1 donation to $7 worth of food supplied. Charities wanting to provide consistent supply of nutritious and balanced meals to people in need rely on Foodbank’s Key Staples Program for basics such as pasta, pasta sauce, cereal, long life milk, canned fruit, canned vegetable and sausages.

Even with Queensland’s beautifully mild weather, it does get cold and some families are often faced with the dilemma of staying warm or having a hot meal. Help Foodbank Queensland make that choice easier by making your own donation to their Warm Up for Winter Campaign.

Foodbank Queensland’s AmbassadorNatalie Gruzlewski, has endorsed the Campaign that is helping her fulfil her personal commitment to promoting healthy lives for Australian families.

You can also endorse this work and assist in making life that bit easier for those in need of a little help. A monetary donation (donations over $2 are tax-deductible) can be made by completing this linked form. You can also donate your time to help out, for example. by:

  • picking and packing food orders and other general light warehouse functions;
  • food rescue and/or
  • office administration support

Foodbank Queensland operates so successfully because of the work done by dedicated volunteers. If you would like to offer yourself on a part- or full-time basis you will always be made most welcome (and put straight to work).

Foodbank’s smiling volunteers ensure the organisation continues to feed more than 180,000 people every month.

To become a very important part of the largest food relief organisation in Australia, sign up here and ‘get with the program!’

Foodbank Queensland warehouse and office are situated at 179 Beverley Street, Morningside. Contact the office through this link or for more information on how you can help phone 07 3395 8422 or email at

Foodbank Queensland is constantly ‘food’ and ‘fund’ raising with its overall focus fixed on doing everything possible to support the charities supporting vulnerable Queenslanders. A most wonderful ambition.

Is it possible you have some money, food or time to help Foodbank Queensland achieve its important goal?