A Word From Our CEO

As always the primary responsibility of Foodbank SA is to get food to where it is needed the most. Testament to this in the last quarter, our team have launched both the Christies Beach Food Hub and the Mobile Food Hub. These projects have been a response to the dramatic increase in those requiring food relief services in certain pockets of our community. Importantly, these programs will help us to get food to those in need.

To meet this demand that these new facilities are now generating, Leigh Royans and Ron Iasiello have been active in seeking and gaining increased quantities of fresh fruit and vegetables and staple foods. This is no easy thing, as our local growers and farmers have been hit by adverse weather conditions over recent months, which have impacted on the quantities available for donation. In order to ensure that we are financially sustainable, our Marketing and Fundraising team have gained some important partnerships to promote Foodbank SA. The most imminent of these starts this week. Foodbank SA has been announced as a charity partner with Tasting Australia for 2019. A great fit for Foodbank and we will look forward to exhibiting in Town Square during the event (5 to 14 April). So please come along and donate food or coins at the event to help us fill the Mobile Food Hub and put food on the table, or if you can, if you have 3-4 hours to help us, come along  and volunteer at our location, which will be our big new Mobile Food Hub.

It is definitely the start of the AFL season! We have had several opportunities to work with our Partner Port Power including their family day and regional day held earlier in the year Whyalla. Look out for us at the Power game on 13 April to donate tinned fruit or vegetables! While talking football, Adelaide United Football Club have also invited us to attend their game on 7 April against Wellington Phoenix, so if you are headed along make sure you donate a can to help fill the van. For both PAFC and AUFC we have been lucky to host players in the last month as they support our program and the cause! SO check out our newsletter for the latest!

The Federal Budget announced this week produced no news for Foodbank around the country. However with a federal election looming, we expect to see plenty of opportunity for lobbying for substantial increases to financial support for Foodbank, all of which goes to our national food programs. Foodbank Australia CEO Brianna Casey will be spending plenty of time in Canberra over the next month. One dark cloud in the budget was the cut to the GST share for SA of over $600 million. How this affects the state budget remains to be seen. As we head into the election, we ask you all to lobby your local members to support Foodbank. It is important that they know the work we do and the reach we have when making their ‘big’ election promises and decisions!

We definitely couldn’t do all of the work we do without our supporters who help to ensure our programs continue. We encourage you to look out for opportunities to support Foodbank in the coming months with events and programs.

In the meantime if you have any questions, feel free to contact me. We are always happy for a chat on how you can help us and how together we can make a difference in the lives of those in need SA.

Greg Pattinson
CEO, Foodbank SA
8351 1136