Why collaboration is key

Ops and nutrition education working hand in hand

This is collaboration at its best. Recently, the lovely people behind nutrition education connected with operations to better understand each other roles as part of our strategic plan to collaborate between business units and particularly for new ops team members to have a better understanding of what nutrition education is all about. 

Operations briefly learnt about the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating and did some education on the benefits of eating from the five food groups. They also did some label reading education and completed an activity where they compared the sugar, salt and fibre of different popular cereals.

Classic Aussie tunes were playing in the background while six recipes were cooked, Toasty Flat Bread, Ready Eggy Bake, One Pot Gnocch Out, Butter-less Chicken and Berry Nice Cheesecake. Everyone was in great spirits and they did an awesome job – the presentation of the food was excellent and they tasted great. 

Feedback was really positive and operations agreed that they had a better understanding of what our nutrition education programs look like, they learnt some new things about label reading and tried cooking some new recipes. They also really enjoyed the food – no leftovers.  

WA Foodbank WA Collaboration is Key Training Kitchen

Facilitated by the one and only Julia, she was really impressed by the genuine enthusiasm and that despite hectic workloads back in the warehouse, they really got into it and gave it a good go. This was reflected in the food they made and their reactions to the cereal label reading activity. 

Mike echoed the positive sentiment saying– “It was a great team building experience and provided great insight – it really opened your eyes to what is out there and what you’re putting in your bodies”.

Let’s hope there is another collaborative session on the way.