Foodbank’s Federated structure

Foodbank in Australia is a federated organisation. The Foodbanks in each State and Territory are separate organisations, established independently by individuals or organisations. Each Foodbank has it’s own CEO and reports to its own Board of Directors.

Foodbank Federated Structure

In 1996, the State Foodbanks that existed at the time (Qld, NSW, Vic and WA) decided that it would be advantageous to have a national organisation to speak with one voice to the Federal Government and National Food Donors.  Foodbank Australia was born and since then Foodbanks have been established in SA, TAS and NT all joining the Foodbank Federation.

Foodbank Australia’s roles now includes:

  • Foodbank brand custodianship
  • Federal Government advocacy
  • National partnership management
  • National food procurement
  • National research and statistics (including the Foodbank Hunger Report)
  • National Information Technology

Together with Foodbank Australia, the State and Territory Foodbanks work cohesively to ensure food and grocery relief is efficiently sourced and distributed to our nation-wide network of 2,600 charity agencies and 2,500 School Breakfast Programs.